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Our Technicians are experts in Air Conditioning, Heating, Geothermal Heating & Cooling, and Ventilation.



About Our Owner – 

Brad has been in the HVAC business since 1999 and has learned from some of the brightest minds in the industry. From the Donleys’ to George Brazil himself and everyone in between, Brad has taken all of the good things he has learned from the bigger AC companies and has incorporate them into his own efficiently run enterprise. Brad learned early that you can either be about customer service or the almighty dollar, in this business you can’t do both. This is why Honorable AC & Heatings’ hourly rates are very affordable and we don’t price gouge on repairs.

“When it came time for me to pick a name for my air conditioning company I wanted a name that reflects who I am and what I represent. Since all of the cute and not so cute animal names are already taken you could imagine my surprise when I found out that the name Honorable was available. Apparently no one before m had thought that stating you are an Honorable Air Conditioning Company was a good idea. Well, I am willing to step up and say that I am the proud owner of the only Honorable Air Conditioning Company in town and I look forward to many more years of earning my clients trust and doing it all at a fair price.”  – Brad



When Victor arrives at your home or business you can rest assured he is more than qualified to address any issue you might be having. Victor has a very “No Nonsense” style about him that people find refreshing. Victor is a technician in the truest sense of the word, he is there to diagnose the issue, he will explain the issue to you in easy to understand terms, and because our pricing fits almost every budget Victor is the one you recommend to all of your friends and neighbors.



If Chris looks familiar it’s probably because you have had him in your home before. Chris was working at one of the biggest companies here in Phoenix before deciding to join our team. His knowledge of the workings of different AC systems has always set him apart from HVAC technicians but his quality of customer service is what really caught our attention. Chris will do everything he can to ensure that you are comfortable and happy with his service each and every time he comes out.



When you call in to any business it is important that you hear a pleasant voice from someone that is happy to be at work. It makes your experience a little better wouldn’t you say? Rebecca is invested in giving each one of our customers a friendly welcome to our company and has the experience to quote you a new unit price right over the phone. Need a repair? Rebecca can call our local vendors, get a price for your part, and call you back with a total price for install of that part, convenient right? We thought so too. Call us today and find out why we are simply the “Gold Standard of Customer Service.”



The most important day in your new AC units’ life is the day of install. Great installers that take their time and do an immaculate job are hard to find, but we know we have found a great leader and technician in Anthony. When Anthony is in your home take 60 seconds to talk with him and you will see that his knowledge of his work is only upstaged by his passion for his craft.



Every company should take time and train the next generation of HVAC technicians. It is how we ensure the ideals of our company are being preserved properly. Stephen has joined our team after successfully completing his education at AAI. Stephen will begin NATE certification classes in the fall but in the meantime we have shown Stephen what it takes to be an “Honorable Technician” and he is more than qualified to assist our customers no matter what they may need. If you are lucky enough to have Stephen in your home, we are hoping you see how great of a person he is and recognize all the talent we see in him. This is a person I would send to my own grandmother and feel comfortable that he is taking the best care of her possible.



Harry is the elder statesman of our team. Harry has been doing commercial repairs for years and has been assisting us since day one. Very few technicians have a sense for what is wrong with a unit like Harry does. Often times customers that have had several different technicians out to take a look at an intermittent problem and not been able to properly diagnose the issue, Harry will step right in and see not only the glaring problem, but the underlying issue as well. Harry takes time to train our younger technicians to help them become better at diagnosing the more complicated issues.