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We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs and budget.

Residential Maintenance Programs
Both SRP and APS recommend that you have your AC and Heating system checked twice a year. We provide low cost options, and special discounts in each of our Maintenance Programs.

Custom Products
From controlling your thermostat from your phone, or concerned about the quality of air you are breathing, we have  technology solutions and innovative indoor air quality products to suit your specific needs. Your technician can educate and review the products that suit your home and your budget.

Instant APS and SRP Rebates
Why wait for a rebate? If you are in need of a new AC & Heating system and are looking for a rebate, we have the perfect solution. We will call APS or SRP from your home and ask how much of a rebate you would receive by purchasing your specific new unit. Whatever price they tell say, we will deduct off of your unit right then and there….Instant savings!!!

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