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I have never experienced such a fast service from HVAC professionals! Brad was in touch with me the whole time. He gave me a go ahead before dropping by. I thought they’d take my unit away and send it back once repaired, but their technician Victor told me inspection is a must. They service guys inspected all my units and told me the problem. They also discussed the solution with me telling me what needed to be done. I felt much comfortable knowing the entire process. They worked on my units and repaired them. We tested them for an hour. The air conditioners worked perfectly. They told me to test it for a few days and call them if any problem arises. I was pleased with the service. Nothing went wrong. My units functioned without fail. The rates were affordable and I got a great package on their summer special. Highly recommend them for homeowners looking for AC services in Arizona.

E. Magoon

I have had bad experiences with HVAC service companies. I reside in Glendale and the temperature here in the summers can become unbearable. So I needed my air conditioning units to work perfectly before the temperature got higher. I looked up the internet and got in touch with a company that cost me a lot and offered very bad service. My AC units worked only a week and stopped cooling. I called them and they told me they’d visit, but they didn’t. A friend suggested Honorable AC. I had little hope that this company would be good, but I had no option. I called them and told them about the problem. I was surprised their service professionals visited me the same day. They told me about their summer special which was a discounted AC maintenance program. I took the deal and got all my units repaired. Definitely a company you can trust with your air conditioners!

W. Watson

Brad at Honorable A/C is by far the best. I had a home warranty when I bought my house. I paid $900 in premium last year. I was charged $75 for a service call. They took over a week to get to my house and once there quoted another $800 for some leak stop and freon in a unit from 1986. This was last August during 120 degree heat, and I have a cat, a dog and my son depending on me. That was it. I dropped the home warranty. Forward to now, I called around to get quotes to either fix my unit or replace it. Honorable AC had by far the best quote. I am a veteran, and so is Brad, and he definitely takes that seriously. He made sure I was taken care of and today they are on my roof installing a new unit. I cannot recommend this company enough. If you read most of my reviews on Yelp, they are usually complaints, lol… not this time! These guys are awesome! Give them a call! They were also out to my house same day. No other company in this area was that fast and no other company was as thorough or as helpful. They truly live up to their name.

M. LaBonte

Great service, super friendly staff! I called them up to get my air conditioning systems checked. I was glad to find out they had a summer special going on that cost me only $39. I got three of my units repaired and maintained. The company sent three guys to do the job and all of them were super friendly and helpful. I asked them about air conditioner maintenance and other related questions, and they answered promptly. The service was also pretty fast. I specifically told them I needed my units to be checked and repaired as soon as possible since the summer heat was getting intense and my kids were complaining about poor cooling. They entertained my request and dropped by for the service within 24 hours. I’d highly recommend Honorable AC to anyone in search of complete AC maintenance in Arizona. Their rates are also pretty competitive. 5 stars for them!

J. Richards